This unique trio utilizes extended vocal and instrumental technique, archaic sound objects, and ritual percussion within free metric structures. The resultant soundscapes are otherworldly and rich with a sense of timelessness. Their music is best experienced in performance spaces such as churches or concert halls where the sound stage lends itself to an atmosphere conducive to silence and resonance. Each concert is a singular event exclusively comprised of self composed pieces.

VARPAI [nemu 010] was released 2010

varpai Nemu Records

  • 1. Symphonic Fields
  • 2. Wooden Dance
  • 3. Play Or Way?
  • 4. Echoes Of The Trees
  • 5. Church In Blue
  • 6. Lost Inside
  • 7. Sacred Forest Trio
  • 8. The Lizards Of Aukstumala
  • 9. Archaic Glimpses
  • 10. Varpai

Recorded by Klaus Kugel at Church Sankt Mariä Namen, Engelskirchen-Osberghausen, Germany, May 2009.
Mixed and mastered by Ulrich Seipel, USM Production, Darmstadt, Germany.

All compositions by Andrė Pabarčiūtė, Mark Tokar and Klaus Kugel
Produced by Andrė Pabarčiūtė, Mark Tokar & Klaus Kugel
Made in Lithuania