The trio’s first cd "
VARPAI" was rated 5/5 stars in „Varpai is a fresh, spontaneous sonic delight. An enjoyable listening experience.“ - John Vincent Barron,, 2011, USA

„With great sensitivity, imagination, patience and obviously flawless technique this trio succeeds in forming timeless, rich soundscapes that sound fresh, organic and inspiring. Andrė/Tokar/Kugel is a remarkable trio that has only begun to explore its potential.“ - Eyal Hareuveni,
All About Jazz, 2011, USA

„This kind of artistic soberness should be a prototype to emulate for many hyped-yet-vacuous productions of our time.“ - Massimo Ricci, touchingextremes, 2011, Italy

__ Klaus Kugel _________ Andrė Pabarčiūtė _______ Mark Tokar ___